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The 4 Best Place Tourist Attraction In Tukeministan

Turkmenistan, we tend to seldom apprehend the name of the country. New on twenty seven October 1991, state declared its independence and was the last country that skint off from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Contours of state is essentially a smorgasbord of Karakum Desert of state, however additionally become the country's wealthy gas reserves, that is accessible is that the fifth largest within the world.

a number of the wealth of state even became Associate in Nursing attraction that's ready to suck up the passion of the foreign tourists. Here square measure my five summarize the attraction of state

Tourist Attraction In Tukeministan

1. Ancient Merv

Ancient Merv

Ancient Merv is that the oasis of culture human civilization that has been around since 4000 years agone. Ancient Merv is found within the female parent Velayat, be proof of the place of exchange of human civilization. Ancient Merv includes the remains of a bronze age Centre between the years 1200 – 2500 BCE. the middle of the iron age 1200-300 years b.c., till its peak throughout the monotheism civilization was created the capital of the Arab Caliphate at the start of the ninth century and therefore the capital of the seljuk Empire within the eleventh century up to twelve.

In this historical heritage archaeological Park of any of his time well maintained and ne'er altered or dismantled despite turnover of rulers. because the walls of the medieval city or monument and house of worship that became the historical proof. All historical relics from totally different centuries are recorded within the history of the globe by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. to take care of and shield this historical and cultural sites, the international organization through United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization issued a decree in 1987 and 1992 legislation was bolstered by the govt of state regarding a way to care to try to to.

2. The countries lined Within The Modern Era

Although state has been detached from the confinement of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, however being thus protecting of the skin cultural influences. The condition is indivisible from the dictatorial perspective of the leaders ever to it currently dominated in state. From the beginning the primary President Saparmurat Niyazov, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to gift the liberty of voters to fancy technological advances greatly restricted.

The Government restricts net network and monitored strictly. Even the social networking website Facebook and right Watch and Amnesty Internasionaldiblokir for good as a result of usually do criticism. Cameras to observe the activities of native folks ever mounted at every corner. in a very country with a population of regarding five million, activate Toot and match the time smoking within the street additionally got laborious ban. amusement centers, like cafes and pubs square measure solely allowed to work up to eleven nights. However, these conditions become traveler attraction of politics and history.

3. Turkmenistan's Specialties, Palav

Turkmenistan's Specialties, Palav

For the folks of Republic of Indonesia, Greek deity palav will not feel foreign tongue as a result of it's made up of rice. It's simply that once it's roast rice mixed with coconut and carrot or pumpkin that is been sliced into little, therefore the colours modified to a small degree blood-red rice. Palav is roast victimisation oil till rice becomes a lot of dense and therefore the style is there. Palav is served with chicken or fish further, from here they've looked if palav is really the nasi liwet in Republic of Indonesia.

Besides palav, state additionally has distinctive traditions once consumption i.e. continually provides a dish composed of chunks of tomatoes, cucumbers and mayonaise. Any food served the dish is usually there. and therefore the distinctive if we do not pay the food served isn't thought of something, however still should pay the dish that was served. If not, it'll be deemed not appreciate an invitation. A a lot of subtle system, all meals served with pedestal holsters. perhaps a lot of like after we eat along once on a visit or a picnic with family in open house.

4. The door of Hell

The door of Hell

Turkmenistan additionally became terribly celebrated once the existence of the distinctive development within the village of Derweze or 260 kilometer North from Ashgabat. The development is seventy m diameter holes that emit heat of the coals. the opening within the middle of the Karakum Desert by population is brought up as ' the door resulting in Hell '. The door resulting in the formation of hell occurred in 1971 once a gaggle of Soviet geologists conducting drilling to search out the supply of the minya Earth. however once the avalanche occurred on the excavation pit and bury the significant instrumentation accustomed drill the venue.

Not long ago out of natural gas from the hole, the geological experts decided to burn a hole in the hope of a quick natural gas runs out. But after a few days, the fire kilns do not also goes out even to the present day embers still survive in the hole. Up to now the door leading to the hell became one of the tourist destination while visiting Turkmenistan. In December 2010, the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow who visited the door leading to the pit of hell demanded that closed.

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The Best 10 Places To Visit In Singapore In 3 days

Singapore is beyond question a accepted town in Asian country that attracts thousands of tourists from everywhere the planet. blessed extraordinary charm and wonder, the place incorporates a sensible variety of attractions that square measure positively price to go to and explore.

The active country with magnetizing charm, Singapore may be a town of radical modernism and medieval magnificence that ne'er fails to lure guests. Visiting this country, you may additionally ne'er run out of rattling places to go to during this mysterious continent. Not solely this, town is additionally worldwide well-liked collectively of the cleanest and safest cities within the world.

Places To Visit In Singapore In 3 days

1. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

The park is located within the resorts of World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, and is among the only two Universal Studios theme parks in Asia. The exciting thing about this park is that it has seven different theme zones with each zone to have its own attraction. The park has so much to offer to the people of all ages.

Whether you are a kid, an old age or a teenager, you will surely find some interesting activities to indulge yourself in. Visitors can also enjoy activities like rides, movie shows, live shows and many other interesting activities.

2. Sister's Island

Sister's Island

This is another interesting place to visit in Singapore. Located in the south of Singapore, the Sister’s Island consists of two Islands, the bigger sister Island and the little sister Island.

Both the Islands are separated by a very narrow yet dangerous channel. The islands are mainly famous for doing activities like snorkeling, camping and picnic.

3. The Garden By The Bay

The Garden By The Bay

If you are a nature lover and loves spending time in nature, then the Gardens by the Bay is the perfect place for you. This place allows you to wander through the vibrant plant life and beautifully designed green spaces.

Some of the major attractions of this place are flower doom, Cloud Forest, Supertree grove, Heritage gardens, the world of plants, Drangonfly and kingfisher lakes and a lot more.

4. Botanic Gardens


Botanic Gardens

Established in 1859, the Botanic Gardens in Singapore are a garden that houses a wide variety of plants with their botanical names displayed on it. This garden is the only tropical Botanic Gardens in the world to have its name on the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Also, don’t forget to visit the National Orchid Garden, which is known for leaving tourists spellbind with its charm and beauty. An Orchid is also the national flower of Singapore. Some of the other attractions of this Botanic Garden include eco -lakes, bonsai garden, sculptures and many other fascinating sites.

5. Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands resort complex is one of the most visited tourists place in Singapore. The resort houses a hotel along with high end luxury mall, the ArtScience Museum and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, which takes you to the vantage point for taking in the entire city.

There is also one Skypark’s viewing deck and infinity pool that tops the hotel. You can also enjoy the sight of the stunning double helix bridge, the Gardens by the Bay as well as the impressive skyline that leaves tourists awestruck.

6. Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo


If you are a wildlife lover, then the Singapore zoo is undoubtedly Asia’s best rainforest zoo that helps you wander in the lush vegetation and habitat space. This place is also known for  Orungtans , where you can enjoy the sights of both adult and baby Orungtans swinging above their platforms.

You can also enjoy the sights of a white tiger, kangaroo, zebras and many other wildlife animals. Not only this, being in Singapore, you can also enjoy adventures like night safari, jungle safari as well as river safari.

7. Clack Quay


Clack Quay


Once the center of commerce in the 19th century, this place is now a busy hub that attracts large number of tourists on a regular basis. After enjoying shopping at Orchard Road, people mostly go to Clark Quay to enjoy the waterfront dining as well as various other entertainments available in the area.

8. The Merlion


The Merlion


Half-fish and half-lion, the iconic "the Merlion" is a well known icon of marketing of Singapore. This famous statue spouting water from the mouth,  weighs 70 tonnes and stands tall at the height of 8.6 meters. You can also take a short walk from Raffles to reach the Merlion.

9. Palau Ubin


Palau Ubin

Palau Ubin also known as Granite Island, this place is ideal to get an idea of how people used to live in 1960s in Singapore. In Palau Ubin, people still live in villages and survive by doing farming and fishing. So if you want to explore the life of Singapore before the invention of giant skyscrapers and malls, then do visit Palau Ubin.

10. Butik Batok Nature Park


Butik Batok Nature Park


Situated around the new housing estate, this nature park has so much to offer to its tourists. Visiting this place, tourists can enjoy the sights of the lake as well as exotic wildlife and marine life. This place will surely help you bring some amazing memories home.

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The Best 5 Places To Visit In South Korea During Summer

Summer in Shouth Korea is one of our favorite seasons to spend exploring hidden pockets of Seoul and discovering new places around the country.

When the weather is hot there’s nothing better than finding a way to cool off or enjoy the great outdoors! Luckily, there are tons of fun trip ideas for you to enjoy your summer in Korea! Don’t want to leave the city? No problem! We have great suggestions for the city dwellers in Seoul who want to enjoy the summer without travel as well!

 Places To Visit In South Korea During Summer

1. Naksan Beach 

Naksan Beach

Naksan is just a 20 minute bus ride south from Sokcho and our favorite beach in Korea. We loved how quiet Naksan Beach was, even in the peak of summer. The beach is clean with turquoise blue water and white sand. Neighboring the beach is a beautiful cliffside temple, Naksansa Temple overlooking the sea. There are plenty of restaurants along the shoreline and hotels to stay at unless you’re feeling adventurous and want to guerrilla camp like we did with our tent on the beach! Another bonus would have to be the spectacular views of Seoraksan National Park behind the beach! Did we mention Seoraksan has our favorite mountains too?

2. Busan


Yearning for a beach escape in South Korea? Why not plan a summer trip to the iconic beach city of South Korea – Busan? Famed for its nature reserves and seafronts, Busan will unleash your inner water nymph with its collection of fabulous beaches, including Imrang beach, Daedaepo beaches, Songdo, Songjeong, Gwangallu, and Haeundae beach. Not only do these beaches offer a sweet summer getaway, but they also a bunch of events and firework festivals. But since it is summer in Korea, expect some of the city’s more popular beaches to be noisy and filled with visitors, even at night.

 3. Jeju Island

Jeju Island

They don’t call Jeju Island as Korea’s ultimate summer destination for nothing. For years, this sought-after Korean wonderland has been luring photography connoisseurs and outdoorsy travelers, with its natural wonders that become even more stunning during summertime. Here, you’ll get catch and experience a plethora of mesmerizing natural sights, such as Mount Hallasan, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Jeongbang Falls, Manjanggul Cave, Jungmun Beach and Jusangjeolli Cliff.

As an added bonus, the island has a handful of intriguing man-made marvels and quirky museums, like O’Sulloc Museum, Jeju Waterworld, Jeju Folk Village Museum, Seonimgyo Bridge, Loveland and Teddy Bear Museum.  To top it all off, you can explore the island, without having to secure a Korean tourist visa.

4. Sokcho Beach

Sokcho Beach

Located on the north east coast, Sokcho is a great place to go if you’re looking for more activities to do near the beach. The city itself doesn’t have much going on, but offers a variety of accommodation and food choices. Enjoy a sunset at the Cheongchoho Lake, spend the afternoon soaking in the nearby hot springs, make a quick trip to Seoraksan National Park, and if you have an affection for teddy bears you must check out Sokcho’s Teddy Bear Farm.

5. Gyeongju


With a wide array of historic sites to offer, it’s easy to see why Gyeongju is often nicknamed as “the museum without walls”. Drenched in culture and history, a trip to Gyeongju will feel like a step into Korea’s past, thanks to outstanding historic sites like Bulguksa Temple, Dabotap, Seokgatap, Seokguram Grotto, Royal Tombs and Golgulsa Temple. To make things better, it is home to the awe-inspiring Gyeongju National Park.

The 3 Places To Visit In Japan During Winter

No one expected it, but there it was, swirling in the air and clinging to whatever surface it lands on only to melt away in an instant. December was still a week away but Tokyo just had its first dusting of the season, its first November snow in 54 years. Winter came a bit too early.

I wasn’t really prepared for it. But even when I packed with autumn in mind, I wasn’t concerned that the Japanese capital was less warm than anticipated. I’m no stranger to Tokyo winter. I had spent two Januaries in its cold, cold embrace before and found that it’s not difficult to find warmth if you know your way around.

Places To Visit In Japan During Winter

Tokyo is a year-round destination. You’ll find plenty of incredible things to do and places to visit at any time of the year. Spring tends to be the most popular, as cherry blossoms magically attract tourists from around the world. But winter is not to be overlooked.

My fascination with winter maybe unusual because I spent most of my life in the tropics, but maaannnnn, I love winter. It’s the year when I can finally drop my tees and pick up outerwear without being worried about sweating a lot. Also, I enjoy getting a bit dressy.

But the magic of winter goes beyond my taste in fashion, lol. Like most destinations, flights to and hotels in Tokyo are way cheaper. Travel dates of most Tokyo seat sales fall within December to March! Moreover, most attractions are not as crowded. Okay, it can still get pretty jampacked, but not as crazy as the spring and summer months.

Of course, it has some disadvantages too. One thing that annoys me is that it can get really warm inside the train. When its cold outside, you tend to put on a lot of layers, but you’re gonna have to shed them off inside and put them back on again on your way out of the station.

Also, days are considerable shorter. As someone who likes taking pictures, I always find myself trying to beat the sunset. Daylight is gone as early as 4pm, and some establishments close earlier, too. Finally, I hate snow. Snow is cute only in the first five minutes. But that’s just me.

Anyway, if you’re Tokyo-bound this winter, here are some amazing things you can do!

Places To Visit In Japan During Winter

1. Ski Near Mountain Fuji

This one isn’t really in Tokyo but is easily accessible from the city. Mt. Fuji has only two ski resorts around its base: Fujiten Snow Resort by the northern slope and Snow Town Yeti south of the mountain.

These ski resorts are open from early December to late March. The quality of the powder here doesn’t come close to ski destinations in other parts of Japan (heck, in early December, the snow isn’t even real), but the ambience is wonderful.

I’ve tried Fujiten and I just loved that I was skiing with Mt. Fuji standing so close in the background. No entrance fee was collected from us, but gear rental and lift tickets cost ¥3000 and ¥4500 respectively. And it was also only accessible via taxi, which cost us a fortune.

I haven’t tried Snow Town Yeti, but Klook is offering tours to this ski resort including roundtrip transfers from Tokyo, ski or snowboard rental fee, boots rental, and ski lift access.

2. Shopping

I’m not really a big fan of shopping because I usually don’t have money to shop, but for some reason, I genuinely enjoy it in Tokyo! Its map is shaded with several shopping districts and lined with countless shopping streets, teeming with interesting finds and curious collectibles.

If you’re a shopaholic, try to schedule your visit within the first week of January and experience the NEW YEAR SALE. It’s as though the entire megalopolis is on sale and great deals are everywhere. And we’re not just talking about 10 or 20% discounts. You can walk out of a store with a 100-yen garment.

3. Go To A Ramen Restaurant

The best thing to do when it’s cold? Eat ramen, of course. Tokyo has a gazillion ramen places, ranging from reservation-only Michelin-starred choices to popular ramen chains to wallet-friendly corner ramen bars. If you want to sample the different flavors of ramen as served in different parts of Japan, head to the Ramen Food Court in AquaCity Odaiba.

But if you’re really serious about ramen, hop on a train and visit Yokohama, where you can find the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, where you can also sample various ramens from around Japan, and the Cup Noodles Museum in Minato Mirai, where you can also learn about the history of the beloved instant ramen.

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The Best 10 Typical Thai Food Menus

Food typical of white elephant country is a food that is in great demand by many people. Many say that Thai food is among the best in the world.

Tourists from various countries, often deliberately coming to Thailand just for the sake of tasting a variety of delicious dishes, directly in the place of origin.

In addition to delicious and rich in flavor, these foods are also sold at cheap prices and can be found easily in every corner of the cities in Thailand.

Even if you go to Thailand with a mediocre budget, you can still eat well. Well, before flying to Thailand for a culinary tour, read first ya, travelers, what foods you must try.

Typical Thai Food

1. Pad Thai



Pad thai is a flush noodle, cooked with palm sugar and sour sauce, then added with shrimp, beans, bean sprouts, and green onions.

Noodle lovers should definitely try this one noodles when visiting Thailand. If you do not like shrimp, you can find pad thai that replaces the shrimp with chicken meat. It's not hard to find him.

Because, there are so many pad thai sellers in Thailand, especially in the city of Bangkok. You just choose where you want to go.

2. Guay Teow Rhua



Guay teow rhua means boat noodle in Indonesian. This noodle was given a name so because the old days the sellers sell these noodles on the boat. But now, this noodle can be found easily in the streets of Bangkok.

Guay teow rhua is sauce noodles served with chicken, pork or beef and added with bean sprouts and spring onion.

But usually, this delicious noodle served with a small portion, using a small bowl. Hence, many end up buying more than one serving to keep the stomach fully charged.

3. Tom Yam



Who does not know what foods are called tom yam? This one food has become a favorite for many culinary lovers.

Dishes containing various kinds of seafood is served with sauce which is dominated by sour and spicy taste. Tom yam is one of Thailand's most popular food by Indonesian people because of its delicacy.

The leaves of lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, chili, and other spices make tom yam sauce rich in taste. You can find many restaurants that sell tom yam in various cities in Indonesia.

But it would be different sensation if you eat tom yam directly in the country of origin and made directly by reliable Thai chefs.

4. Nai Mong Hoy Tod



When viewed, this one food is like a normal omelet or omlet. But what makes the difference is, nai mong hoy tod is coupled with shellfish.

Therefore, many who call this food with oyster omelette or shellfish omelette. This food is more suitable as a snack.

If you have not been so hungry but still want to eat something, nai mong hoy tod this is the right choice. If you eat this dish, you will be given a small bowl of sauce to dicocol with nong mong pieces toy hong as a complement.

5. Som Tam



Som tam is a papaya salad seasoned with salt. But not just papaya, there is also a mixture of garlic, chilli, tomatoes, and long beans.

Then there is fish sauce and peanut sauce added to add to the delicacy of this food. In addition, you can also choose shrimp or crab if you want additional seafood.

The food is popular among Thai people is perfect for lightweight when vacationing in Thailand that the air is hot.

The fresh taste will definitely make you addicted. That's why. do not miss it, yes!

6. Khao Pad Poo



Seen from its form, this food does look like fried rice in general. But make no mistake, travelers, because khao pad poo instead of ordinary fried rice.

This rice is scented jasmine flower because it is cooked using a mixture of jasmine flowers, coupled with lime juice and Thai fish sauce typical.

Already imagined, right, the taste and the aroma? Well, usually this rice is also mixed with eggs and crabs. If you want to try, this fried rice can easily be found in stalls in Thailand.

7. Kanom Krok



kanom is a coconut cake cooked with a round fryer that has small rolls like a fryer used to cook Takoyaki. This cake consists of simple ingredients such as flour, coconut milk, sugar, salt, and palm sugar.

Usually also added with a sprinkling of green onion. This savory cake you can not miss when traveling to Thailand.

8. Fried Insects



Want more extreme culinary? Try a fried insect! If going to Thailand, surely you will find a lot of this unique snack in the markets or stalls, which are usually placed on trays.

There are various types of fried insects sold, such as crickets, woodworms, bamboo worms, grasshoppers to cockroaches. If you're not disgusted and curious about attack.

There are various types of fried insects sold, such as crickets, woodworms, bamboo worms, grasshoppers to cockroaches.

If you are not disgusted and curious about the taste of these insects after being fried, you should try this one snack. It tastes savory and crunchy. While in Thailand, let's try this unusual culinary!

9. Kha Niew Ma Muang



Want to eat dessert after devouring delicious dishes? Khao niew ma muang this champion. The sticky rice served with fresh mango chunks and sweet coconut cream includes typical Thai food that you can not miss.

Khao niew ma muang you can also enjoy when you look for stomach booster before finally go to the restaurant and eat more heavy dishes. These foods can be found easily on every street corner of Bangkok.

Especially when the mango season. Guaranteed you will find this food everywhere.

10. Cha Yhen



If you're a culinary tour, it's not complete if you do not try also typical drinks at our place of vacation.

Well, if in Thailand, would not complete if you do not try this one tea ya, travelers. Cha Yen, or so-called thai tea is a tea made from riyam tea mixed with fennel, acid seed and milk.

Will be very fresh if drunk with ice cubes added. The weather in hot Thailand will be forgotten if you have been drinking this cold tea.

How? you like, right, look at the foods above? If you want to try these foods directly in the place of origin.

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8 Most Beautiful Tourist Place To Visit In Thailand

Explore destinations thailand has many beauty tourist place to visit are indeed very suitable when on vacation with friends.

Bangkok, capital of thailand, being one of the main destinations city for the traveller.

In addition, this elephant country very famous with the historic shrine.

Lots of beautiful and interesting temple for visited during the State of thailand.

Read Also : The Best 10 Typical Thai Food

If you intend on holiday and be a reference tourist attractions in the country located in southeast asia.

8 Most Beautiful Tourist Place In Thailand

In this article I will discuss the famous tourism spots and wonderful with description and images.

Refer to the information!!!

1. Sanctuary of Truth

Tourist Attraction in Pattaya, Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth is the major tourist attractions in Pattaya city that many on visit by tourists.

This place is basically a tourist attractions in the form of a building shaped like a temple, it's just that this is not the Sanctuary of Truth is a temple but it is a building with a teak-on show as a symbol homage to their ancestors.

One tourist attraction is the interior d├ęcor is full of beautiful sculptures-sculpture will be when you enter these sights.

2. Chiand Mai

Market Chiand Mai Give the Best Shop Experience
Chiand Mai

Chiand Mai will give us the best shopping experience, here you can get various kinds of goods only at a price of $1 only.

The market is open from 05.00 until the middle of the night, many visitors stop by here to bring presents for the family.

With panoramic views of Bangkok's beautiful and diverse placesto visit, Chiand Mai became one of the tourist attractions that are highly recommended for walking in thailand.

Due to the location near the market, which makes for a lively Chiand Mai on the visit.

3. Krabi

The Beauty of Krabi Island in Thailand
Krabi Island

Krabi is one of the Islands in Thailand and has a charming panoramic beach and islands off around her.

Because this is the beauty of Krabi charm become a magnet that could attract tourists to come and visit.

Exotic beach view will add to the tourists who were present to enjoy a holiday on the island.

Blue sea water adds to the list of mandatory beaches visited by the tourists when visiting Thailand with family.

4. Phuket

Phuket Island, Most Famous Tourist Destinations in Thailand
Phuket Island

One of the famous in Thailand is Phuket. White sand beaches, so that visitors to enjoy its charm. Phuket is also nicknamed the Pearl of the South.

Culinary tourism in this place are also available, with a wide range of culinary specialities dogged Thailand.

So it is spoiling the tongue while vacationing tourists to Phuket.

This place is very suitable for the agent visited, enjoying the natural beauty of a very riveting became one of the defining moments of romantic who will not be forgotten by each spouse.

5. Bangkok

Magnificent Templates Becoming One of the icon Bangkok City
tourist spots in Thailand Bangkok

Thailand's capital has religious buildings which have high artistic value, all of Bangkok city we can find temples and magnificent temples.

The city of Bangkok is famous for its wide variety of architectural sculptures Thai culture is becoming one of the icon.

Not only that, many other tourist in Bangkok.

Remember bangkok is the capital of the State, of course, be the main place that went in by the tourists, especially foreign origin.

6. The Grand Palace

Building Complex in Bangkok, Thailand
The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok which is a historical and cultural relics.

The buildings of Grand Palace has a basement maze in the form of the Royal halls, temples and ancient relics.

The most valuable buildings here is Wat Phra Kaeo, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

According to some sources, in this temple there is a piece of bone or hair relics of Buddha himself.

It took a few hours to go to the Grand Palace of Justice, but when it's there, you just need to walk can take photos of someother major city landmarks such as Wat Po and Wat Arun, the famous Temple of the Dawn and place other nearby famous.

With Bangkok is the center of perlabuhan international, then the city could be the starting point for excursions around the country.

7. Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew is the Emerald Buddha Temple
Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew Is the Emerald Buddha Temple and includes the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Its location in the heart of the main Palace, Phra Nakhon district.

The beauty of this building into a more beautiful time in the afternoon, enjoy what's to watch the sun set behind the shrine buildings are so beautiful.

The tourists will be very in pamper with a beauty of a mix of building with light that is around her.

This view will not be there on other sights.

8. Baiyoke Sky Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Bangkok, The Tallest Building in Southeast Asia
Baiyoke Sky Bangkok, Thailand

Baiyoke tower was the tallest building in Thailand with 83 floors, even the tallest building in Southeast Asia.

On the top floor of the hotel there is an exclusive restaurant that can be used to see the beauty of Bangkok.

If want to take pictures of Bangkok from the heights, we can also do it from the building.

Baiyoke Sky is perfect to enjoy the vibrant city of bangkok, especially at a time when the atmosphere of the city in the evening, will decorate with various beauty lights in the city of bangkok.