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8 Most Beautiful Tourist Place To Visit In Thailand

Explore destinations thailand has many beauty tourist place to visit are indeed very suitable when on vacation with friends.

Bangkok, capital of thailand, being one of the main destinations city for the traveller.

In addition, this elephant country very famous with the historic shrine.

Lots of beautiful and interesting temple for visited during the State of thailand.

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If you intend on holiday and be a reference tourist attractions in the country located in southeast asia.

8 Most Beautiful Tourist Place In Thailand

In this article I will discuss the famous tourism spots and wonderful with description and images.

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1. Sanctuary of Truth

Tourist Attraction in Pattaya, Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth is the major tourist attractions in Pattaya city that many on visit by tourists.

This place is basically a tourist attractions in the form of a building shaped like a temple, it's just that this is not the Sanctuary of Truth is a temple but it is a building with a teak-on show as a symbol homage to their ancestors.

One tourist attraction is the interior d├ęcor is full of beautiful sculptures-sculpture will be when you enter these sights.

2. Chiand Mai

Market Chiand Mai Give the Best Shop Experience
Chiand Mai

Chiand Mai will give us the best shopping experience, here you can get various kinds of goods only at a price of $1 only.

The market is open from 05.00 until the middle of the night, many visitors stop by here to bring presents for the family.

With panoramic views of Bangkok's beautiful and diverse placesto visit, Chiand Mai became one of the tourist attractions that are highly recommended for walking in thailand.

Due to the location near the market, which makes for a lively Chiand Mai on the visit.

3. Krabi

The Beauty of Krabi Island in Thailand
Krabi Island

Krabi is one of the Islands in Thailand and has a charming panoramic beach and islands off around her.

Because this is the beauty of Krabi charm become a magnet that could attract tourists to come and visit.

Exotic beach view will add to the tourists who were present to enjoy a holiday on the island.

Blue sea water adds to the list of mandatory beaches visited by the tourists when visiting Thailand with family.

4. Phuket

Phuket Island, Most Famous Tourist Destinations in Thailand
Phuket Island

One of the famous in Thailand is Phuket. White sand beaches, so that visitors to enjoy its charm. Phuket is also nicknamed the Pearl of the South.

Culinary tourism in this place are also available, with a wide range of culinary specialities dogged Thailand.

So it is spoiling the tongue while vacationing tourists to Phuket.

This place is very suitable for the agent visited, enjoying the natural beauty of a very riveting became one of the defining moments of romantic who will not be forgotten by each spouse.

5. Bangkok

Magnificent Templates Becoming One of the icon Bangkok City
tourist spots in Thailand Bangkok

Thailand's capital has religious buildings which have high artistic value, all of Bangkok city we can find temples and magnificent temples.

The city of Bangkok is famous for its wide variety of architectural sculptures Thai culture is becoming one of the icon.

Not only that, many other tourist in Bangkok.

Remember bangkok is the capital of the State, of course, be the main place that went in by the tourists, especially foreign origin.

6. The Grand Palace

Building Complex in Bangkok, Thailand
The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok which is a historical and cultural relics.

The buildings of Grand Palace has a basement maze in the form of the Royal halls, temples and ancient relics.

The most valuable buildings here is Wat Phra Kaeo, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

According to some sources, in this temple there is a piece of bone or hair relics of Buddha himself.

It took a few hours to go to the Grand Palace of Justice, but when it's there, you just need to walk can take photos of someother major city landmarks such as Wat Po and Wat Arun, the famous Temple of the Dawn and place other nearby famous.

With Bangkok is the center of perlabuhan international, then the city could be the starting point for excursions around the country.

7. Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew is the Emerald Buddha Temple
Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew Is the Emerald Buddha Temple and includes the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Its location in the heart of the main Palace, Phra Nakhon district.

The beauty of this building into a more beautiful time in the afternoon, enjoy what's to watch the sun set behind the shrine buildings are so beautiful.

The tourists will be very in pamper with a beauty of a mix of building with light that is around her.

This view will not be there on other sights.

8. Baiyoke Sky Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Bangkok, The Tallest Building in Southeast Asia
Baiyoke Sky Bangkok, Thailand

Baiyoke tower was the tallest building in Thailand with 83 floors, even the tallest building in Southeast Asia.

On the top floor of the hotel there is an exclusive restaurant that can be used to see the beauty of Bangkok.

If want to take pictures of Bangkok from the heights, we can also do it from the building.

Baiyoke Sky is perfect to enjoy the vibrant city of bangkok, especially at a time when the atmosphere of the city in the evening, will decorate with various beauty lights in the city of bangkok.

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